The museum
in details


of water in

Visitors can learn through the different settlements and cultures, the evolution of techniques and water use as well as its methods for collecting and distributing water. You will also discover the history of the concession for water supply in the city of Alicante.


Have fun with water

It is a completely educational, intuitive and interactive space. Games and new technology enable visitors to learn about the different states of water, how water reaches our homes, what the full cycle of water is like, etc. There is also a cinema room where content related with water as a resource is projected


Projects and
the environment

In this room, the main projects and construction works that have been carried out in Alicante over the last few years can be learnt about. In the room focused on the environment, matters such as CO2 are dealt with, as well as purification and the green belt, among others.


Los pozos
de Garrigós

Excavated in the rock in the 19th century, they form a system of reservoirs with a capacity for more than 80 000 litres of water, which are used to acquire and store rainwater for its subsequent distribution. The feeling of being immersed in a well makes the visit to Los Pozos an unforgettable experience.

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