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1st Meeting of Digital Comunication of Alicante

The Museum of Aguas de Alicante hosted the First Meeting of Alicante Digital Communication, a meeting to share experiences where citizens had a starring role.
“Social networking as a channel for citizen services” was the title under which was held this “think tank”.

Water history

You’ll be walking downstairs as they grew to know the different settlements of the town of Alicante through the water, the tools they used and the different uses they did. As well as the different options that were considered to distribute water in the city and the different private and public initiatives that bet on it.

Room Projects

Venturi Deposit Anti DSU, Cowama, automatic meter reading, etc. are more of proyects than you will be able  when you visit the room of the M2A Projects.

What is inside a house?

Through a scale mockup you can discover the world of pipes that is made a house with a fun children’s recreation

Floor 1 “water fun”

On the first floor of M2A you’ll find games you learn the importance of water in our lives

Interior view of Wells Garrigós

Garrigós wells are connected together so that they can discover one behind the other

Monolith Museum admission

Access to M2A is located at the foot of Mount Benacantil, near the pedestrian entrance to the park Ereta and monitored by “La Cara del Moro”. Unique natural sculpture acquired by the castle of Santa Barbara that resembles the profile of a Moorish character to

Guitar Recital

Detail Guitar Recital acts performed within the cultural agenda of the M2A in November 2014.

Pozos de Garrigós

View spectacular staircase of the third well.
Dizzying only observe


On the first floor multiple historical utensils found in recent excavations that are directly related to the employability of water in daily life is.

Environmental Chamber.

On the second floor of the museum is the environmental room where visitors can discover the importance of water in the environment.

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